We have been using the vacuum preservation technology for several years in selection. The advantage of this technology is that we can preserve the batches for more than 5 years, which allows us to spare a generation of maintenance. Thus, we only reseed every 4 years instead of every 2 years. The seeds are very well protected from insects and the conservation of the germinative faculty is very good: as a proof we still have here some bags of the 2016 harvest which still germinate very well.

TAMIA PACK’s vacuum technology allows us to:

  • Spare time and resources. Think about all the time saved between a half-day of bagging vs several days to sow, cultivate, protect, purify, harvest several different micro plots
  • To be free of climatic risks
  • To eliminate the risks caused by insects
  • To preserve the variety by decreasing the generations of maintenance
  • To feel confident

Today, at ASUR, we could not work without this technology, with it we have made a leap in simplifying our work!