ASUR PLANT BREEDING, formerly known as SAATEN-UNION RECHERCHE, is a French seed company founded in 1997. It is part of the German group SAATEN-UNION made up of family-based plant breeders. Three French agricultural cooperatives, CERESIA, TERRE-ATLANTIQUE and CAVAC, joined the shareholding in 2018.

For over 60 years, the BERNHARDT company has provided its expertise in the packaging sector through two complementary businesses: the design of flexible packaging and the manufacture of packaging machines. BERNHARDT contributes to the SAFET’HY Process with its focused industrial perspective, rigorous prerequisites, its sealing technology and highly automated.



CONDICONCEPT manufactures industrial packaging equipment. In addition to standard equipment, CONDICONCEPT has the capacity to produce tailored material to meet specific needs. CONDICONCEPT brings its pragmatism, ingenuity and experience in agricultural operations to the SAFET’HY Process.

SAFET’HY Process: much more than a simple product or service.

“SAFE” is the key concept expressed in the name (in French SUR). And this is what ASUR PLANT BREEDING, founding company of TAMIA PACK® was primarily seeking, i.e. to preserve its high-value commercial seeds. It was unimaginable to risk losing the value of this type of seed, not only in financial terms but especially in terms of customer satisfaction. Professionalism was therefore a must.

“Process” obviously refers to the industrial aspect of  TAMIA PACK‘s supply.



SAFET’HY Process: a unique global approach!

This system facilitates the vacuum packing of your seed and grain, with or without inert gas injection, tailored to your specific internal constraints, be these human, spatial, temporal and of course financial, and also to external constraints: climate and regulatory changes (building standards, employee safety, exponential energy costs, increasingly rapid banning of pesticide solutions, etc.).

Vacuum packing at the push of a button does not suffice.
There are many aspects to consider and:
  • TAMIA PACK provides needed flexibility. Each client has its own type of facilities which typically respond to their history, technological and energy choices, production and storage processes, etc. TAMIA PACK employs a global approach to take all situations into consideration.

  • TAMIA PACK cares about your time and your peace of mind: We’re no different from you. We are also conscious of time and try to avoid excessive stress.
    The SAFET’HY Process is low maintenance. In fact, the vacuum and sealing of the high barrier bag are done in a single operation instead of two. A 1.2 T (wheat equivalent) big-bag can be processed in a mere three to four minutes by the Tamia OPTIMUM with one single operator, and no more than a total of seven minutes for the Tamia COMPACT.

In addition to assuring the safety of your stocks,
– you gain peace of mind and flexibility in harvest projections and you have back-up stock in the event of a production incident.
– you gain ease of storage. The vacuum sealed bags retain their intrinsic quality and protect your seeds and/or food grain even if you store them outside!

  • TAMIA PACK boosts the marketing of your seeds and grain. The comments of our customers are unanimous :
    TAMIA PACK bags are strong
    – they set you apart from the competition
    – they bring a “high-end” touch when you market domestically or export.