Things to keep in mind

With the conso’PACK, we preserve our customers’ seed and grain stock and provide peace of mind:

  • Protection against oxygen, humidity and UV rays
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Tailor-made adaptable formats
  • Approved for food contact
  • Made in France


All our high barrier bags are made up of 4 layers, one of which is aluminum with thicknesses adapted to each bag size.
Extensive research went into establishing thicknesses that enable efficient heat sealing and guarantee long-term storage providing maximum protection for your products.

Depending on your production processes, we can design tailor-made bags for you. The format (bag, big-bag, octabin, others) and the size (from 1 L to 1 450 L) can be created and produced to best suit your industrial methods.

Our bags, also manufactured for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, meet very strict standards and requirements to guarantee their resistance and reliability.

For optimum efficiency, we have also designed and developed specific bags for use with TAMIA PACK® machines with a view to reliable and long-lasting industrial efficiency.
All of our production lines are located in France. We made this choice to ensure stable supply at all times, regardless of global economic, climatic or health hazards.