TAMIA PACK® is the promoter of an innovative process called SAFET’HY, resulting from unique know-how in seed conservation and industrial processes.

The R&D work initiated in 2014 passed the test by technically and economically succeeding in an industrial application: The SAFET’HY Process 6 500 T of seed from the 2015 harvest was vacuum-packed and retained its initial germination capacity until 2019 when the results were measured.
R&D results proved that the packing of seeds in a gas-tight (water vapor, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen) vacuum package, guarantees the sanitary characteristics and commercial value of the seeds. Additional research demonstrated how effective these conditions were in controlling insect pests.


The advantage of vacuum packing seeds is that they can be isolated from their environment and thus protected and preserved.  There is very little fluctuation in this closed environment. For example, seed water content does not vary thus ensuring seed viability.

The powerful pump used in the SAFET’HY Process quickly produces a high level of vacuum: 60 seconds for a 1 450 liters pouch, the capacity of a big-bag.

This vacuum can only be maintained if the container is sufficiently airtight. The SAFET’HY Process uses a high barrier aluminum bag which guarantees airtightness to protect contents from oxygen and moisture. The seeds are thus stored under ideal conditions over long periods of time.

We presented the SAFET’HY Process at the French colloquium “Phloeme 2020”. Scientists praised this innovation that confirmed earlier findings and put them into practice


Peace of mind for plant breeders: The SAFET’HY Process preserves the quality of stored seed and provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the first generations of genetic material are protected.

Less worry for seed companies: The SAFET’HY Process brings about a real paradigm shift by enabling the seamless management of insects and rodents: no more pest control monitoring!

Security:  with the quality of stock assured, seed growing schemes can be simplified and scaled down. It is no longer necessary to reproduce each year to address the risk of weather hazards.

Supply-chain benefits: there are also benefits for early manufacturing. Seeds are ready and waiting, you know the quality and you are able to manufacture as from the start of the season. This is a real advantage and all supply chain operators know it. Once produced, you can ensure delivery times with guaranteed quality for your customers.

TAMIA PACK is a practical solution which also controls insects and rodents.

In order to prevent the risk of contamination during storage of organic cereals, the union of organic companies, SYNABIO, has developed a set of technical specifications for grain storage: SECURBIO.



In fact, there are a dozen steps envisaged to control and combat predators during storage that would no longer need to be taken if you opt for vacuum packing. This is invaluable in terms of both insurance and peace of mind.
Schéma Procédé SAFET'HY